Court Interpreter Training Online (CITO)

Free Introductory Webinar on July 1st at 1 p.m. by invitation only. Please e-mail to request an invite. Register for the upcoming webinars on Ethics and Court Protocol.

Upcoming webinars on Ethics and Court Protocol July 8 and July 22. Reserve your space.

Speakers of Languages Other than Spanish (LOTS) are also welcome to train with this program. See scheduled courses.


The full program consists of 12 weekly webinars per course. There are 3 levels to help you train towards obtaining certification.

You can train for court interpreting from the comfort of your home or wherever you have access to a computer.  All you need is a computer from where to log on to the webinars. You will be given an access code to sign up for every session you register. See the scheduled courses and register for the one you prefer. All webinars will be recorded so if you miss a scheduled session you will have access to the webinar for one month. The recorded sessions are also used for practice at home during the week.

Who should register:

Bilingual students who aspire to become court interpreters. No prior experience in court interpreting is required. This course will cover the basics of court interpreting, practice in the modes of interpretation required to interpret in court, court protocol and code of ethics for professional interpreters.  For those interested in preparing to take the court interpreting exam in state court, we recommend starting with Court Interpreting 1 and consider taking Court Interpreting 2 and 3 for further practice.

Note: Full command of English and a Foreign Language is required to begin training in court interpreting. Aspiring interpreters should be able to go from one language to the other with ease. These courses assume you can communicate effectively in both languages at the level of a native speaker.

Individual Instruction

In addition to the Court Interpreter Courses 1, 2 and 3. I offer individual instruction online. This is suitable for people who want to train for the certification exam and need more feedback on an individualized manner.

You may be interested in booking some sessions of individual instruction before sitting for the exam, after taking Court Interpreting 1, 2 and 3.

I work full time in court I am only available on weekends or a couple of evenings. We can discuss availability.


Stand-alone webinars on Theory:

You can sign up for any of these webinars independently of each other. It is not necessary to do a full practice course to attend the theory sessions.



e-mail me, Victoria Dopazo, at

Be brief so I can punctually answer your question. I work in court full time and catch up with e-mails when I can. Hope to respond ASAP.

Free information webinars are offered by invitation only. Please e-mail me if you want to get invited. Just held two of them in May. We are planning to hold one of this every month.


For more updated information and dates for the different courses visit:



Victoria Dopazo, FCCI




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