States that approved courses for CE units

The following State Courts approved our courses for CE units

  1. North Carolina
  2. Oregon * 
  3. Missouri
  4. Washington
  5. Michigan **
  6. Maryland
  7. Pennsylvania ***
  8. Utah *****
  9. Florida ****
  10. Tennessee
  11. California ******

Applications have been submitted to other states. Unless expressly stated on our website or blog, you can assume the approval has not been granted yet. 

Certificates of attendance are issued to all who attend the live-webinars. All webinars are instructor-led. States not expressly mentioned here may accept the certificates. However, we suggest you check with your state court interpreter program administrator if your state is not mentioned above.


*Oregon  approved the following courses:

· Team Interpreting – 1.5 General Credits
· Ethics I – 1.5 Ethics Credits
· Ethics II – 1.5 Ethics Credits
· Court Protocol – 1.5 General Credits
· Tips for Exam Taking – 1.5 General Credits
· Use of Equipment – 1.5 General Credits


Michigan approved the following courses

** Michigan does not endorse courses but will likely approve for CE units. 8/8/2017


Pennsylvania approved the following courses

***“PA Interpreter Certification program has pre-approved webinars Theory 0.1 – Theory 0.6 for 1.5 CEUs each with the provider Victoria B. Dopazo, FCCI. Submission of individual pre-approval requests is not required. In order to get CEUs PA interpreters must submit certificates of attendance after the training”. 98/28/2017


ATA approved 10 CE points per level!

Great news. Court Interpreting Training Courses have been approved for CE points by ATA. Each level qualifies for 10 CE points. Certificates stating this will be issued to those who attend all the webinars scheduled per level. Total hours per level is 15 but 10 is the maximum granted by ATA.


**** Florida approved courses:

5/6/2018 Florida approved most of our 1.5 hour courses for 1.8 CIE – EXCEPT TIPS FOR EXAM

Florida approved Skills Building IV/ Federal Exam Prep., for 18 CIE – Note that Skills Building III / State Exam Prep is not approved, only above state level certification course is approved for CIE as per State policy. VBD.

Complete list to be updated shortly.


*****  UTAH approved the following courses on 2/20/2019

Advance Practice on Consecutive Interpretation- 1.5 CE hours
Advance Practice on Simultaneous Interpretation- 1.5 CE hours
Court Protocol- 1.5 CE hours
Ethics I- 1.5 CE hours
Ethics II- 1.5 CE hours
Team Interpreting- 1.5 CE hours
Use of Equipment- 1.5 CE hours


****** California approved the following courses on April 8, 2019, approval email quoted below:

“I am pleased to inform you that the following courses submitted were approved for instructor-led

CIMCE credit (valid thru April 8, 2020):
CIMCE# Hours Course Title
L4953 1 ½ Advanced Consecutive Interpretation
L4954 1 ½ Advanced Simultaneous Interpretation
L4955 1 ½ Ethics I – Code of Ethics
L4956 1 ½ Ethics II – Applied Ethics
L4957 1 ½ Court Protocol
L4958 1 ½ Team Interpreting
L4959 1 ½ Use of Equipment”

We are making efforts to get the courses approved by as many states as possible.