Happy to share some comments received!

4/17/2020   Thank you, Victoria!   I greatly appreciate your putting so much time and effort into this free webinar.  I appreciated this overview of remote interpreting.  Thank you again!  I look forward to coming back for more!   Best, Genevieve Howe   
9/22/2019   Dear Victoria Dopazo,        Thank you once more for offering us such a comprehensive prep course for the Oral Federal Certification Exam. I look forward to registering for the exam as soon as they open the registration period. Meantime, I intend to follow all your helpful study suggestions until the test is administered.   Thank you for your patience and your energetic work.   Gratefully, Ilia Cornier-Rivera   
4/17/2020   Victoria,   Thank you very much for your informative webinar and especially for sharing your time and insight!    I have a few dates scheduled in May  to do VRI and have been very apprehensive. I’m used to doing bail hearings and initial appearances remotely, but it’s always in the courthouse and NOT from my home.  You gave us many useful tips and I feel more confident and better prepared.   Liz Barreto   
“If you are looking for a good course to prepare for any Federal or State exam, check out Ms. Victoria Dopazo training page. Her federal preparation course is very thorough and provides many good materials. I am amazed at the amount of reference materials she provides. Definitely worth it!”
  Michelle P. D. Kusuda, M.B.A.  Virginia and Maryland Certified Spanish Interpreter since 1995  
5/26/2020   Victoria, Thank you for the presentations you have shared with us online. I am sure that if we manage to incorporate the learning we’ve acquired from them into our practice, we will be SUCCESSFUL!   Cecilia Spearing   
11/4/2019   I really enjoyed your course!  As I said in the chat, you were very clear and I felt comfortable from the beginning.    Silvia Moore   
11/4/2019   Hi Victoria,   Thank you so much! I thoroughly enjoyed your class yesterday. Very helpful exercises for interpreting. You are a great teacher. Thank you!   Maggie Cao   
10/28/2019   I truly enjoyed the webinar even though it was quite challenging  – some simultaneous exercises were really difficult for me to keep up with. But now I have lots of material to work on and practice my interpretation skills.   T P 
9/20/2019   Hi Victoria,   Thank you again for a great course!  I was dreading my CIE requirement, but you really made it a pleasure.  I learned a lot from you.  You’re a great teacher!   Bonnie Weiner