Scheduled Courses for 2017/2018

EXAM PREPARATION Courses are intensive practice courses. Total of 15 hours of intensive practice before the exam.  Webinars are taught live and also recorded for those who miss a session. The recordings are available to participants the next day.

STATE EXAM PREP 10/25/2017 to 11/8/2017


Mon  –  Fri. (No class on Wednesday Nov. 1, 2017)

7.30 – 9 p.m.

15 hours  $   400.00
FEDERAL EXAM PREP TBA TBA 15 hours  $   400.00


Stand-alone theory webinars. 1.5 hours of instruction each. Qualify for CE units in the States mentioned as approved.

Ethics I -Code of Ethics 11/4/2017 Sat. 1 p.m. to 2.30p.m. 1.5 hours  $     45.00
Ethics II – Applied Ethics 11/11/2017 Sat. 1 p.m. to 2.30p.m. 1.5 hours  $     45.00
Team Interpreting 11/18/2017 Sat. 1 p.m. to 2.30p.m. 1.5 hours  $     45.00
Court Protocol 12/2/2017 Sat. 1 p.m. to 2.30p.m. 1.5 hours  $     45.00

Court Interpreter Training I – For those starting to train as court interpreters. 12 weeks (18 hours of instruction) Meeting once a week.

Court Interpreter Training I (CITO I) 1/13/2018 to 3/31/2018 Sat. 1 p.m. to 2.30p.m. 18 hours  $   450.00

All times published here are Eastern Time.

Reserve a spot by registering via PayPal or Eventbrite. We only require 10% as a deposit for the longer courses.


Court Interpreting 1: CITO 1 is a practice course designed for bilingual students who aspire to become court interpreters. No prior experience in court interpreting is required. This course will cover the basics of court interpreting,  practice in the modes of interpretation required to interpret in court, court protocol and ethics.
Full command of English and a Foreign Language (Any language) is required to begin training in court interpreting. Aspiring interpreters should be able to go from one language to the other with ease. These courses assume you have the ability to communicate effectively in both languages at the level of a native speaker.

Court Interpreting 2:  CITO 2 is a practice course designed for students who have completed Court Interpreting 1 or have prior experience and/ or training in Court Interpreting. For those interested in preparing to take the court interpreting exam in state court, we recommend starting with Court Interpreting 1 and consider taking Court Interpreting 2 and 3 for further practice.


Court Interpreting 3:  CITO 3 is a practice course designed for students who have completed Court Interpreting 1 and Court Interpreting 2 or have advanced knowledge, training and practice as Court Interpreters. Each course is composed of 12 units with plenty of practice in realistic situations you will interpret in the courtroom and are designed with the goal of helping you train to pass the exam.

Each level is designed with a progressive degree of difficulty so that participants can start from a beginning level and through instruction and practice progress to the advanced level in which students should be able to interpret trials in simultaneous and consecutive modes and sight interpret complex documents.



Intensive 10-day practice courses designed for students who are sitting for the certification exam and want to do intensive practice prior to the exam. The dates are scheduled according to exam dates and demand.

We understand that students may have been training for a while by different means and with different materials. It is not a requirement to complete our Court Interpreting Courses 1.2 and 3 in order to do this intensive course. It is assumed that people who registered to sit for this exam have been training in the three modes of interpretation for a while.


· Team Interpreting
· Ethics I
· Ethics II
· Court Protocol
· Tips for Exam Taking
· Use of Equipment

The theory webinars are held on a rotating basis. We just completed the first round. We will be announcing the next days soon. The months of September and October will be dedicated to Exam Preparation.


Registration deadline: depending on seats available.

Early registration is encouraged as it helps us plan. We need a minimum of 6 students to run the courses. If the minimum is not met (which we do not anticipate) we will refund the money or offer a credit for the next available date. The same will be offered if the course is full. We accept a maximum of 12 students per course.