Introduction to Court Interpreting Program. This is a free webinar offered to those interested in becoming court interpreters. Reserve your space for the next Free Introductory Webinar to be held on 8/5/2017 at 1 p.m. E.T.


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All Webinars will be recorded and participants will have access to the recording for one month following each presentation in order to practice during the week. Homework assignments will also be posted after each session. Students are expected to practice in between sessions following the instructor’s recommended methodology.

Who should register:

Court Interpreting 1: Bilingual students who aspire to become court interpreters. No prior experience in court interpreting is required. This course will cover the basics of court interpreting,  practice in the modes of interpretation required to interpret in court, court protocol and code of ethics for professional interpreters.

Full command of English and Spanish is required to begin training in court interpreting. Aspiring interpreters should be able to go from one language to the other with ease. These courses assume you have the ability to communicate effectively in both languages at the level of a native speaker.

Court Interpreting 2: Students who have completed Court Interpreting 1 or have prior experience and/ or training in Court Interpreting. For those interested in preparing to take the court interpreting exam in state court, we recommend starting with Court Interpreting 1 and consider taking Court Interpreting 2 and 3 for further practice.

Court Interpreting 3: Students who have completed Court Interpreting 1 and Court Interpreting 2 or have advanced knowledge, training and practice as Court Interpreters. Each course is composed of 12 units with plenty of practice in realistic situations you will interpret in the courtroom and are designed with the goal of helping you train to pass the exam.

Court Interpreting 1.2.3: Ideally students should take all three levels before sitting for the certification exam. However, students who have experience and or training may choose to do level 2 or 3 or just exam preparation.

Each level is designed with a progressive degree of difficulty so that participants can start from a beginning level and through instruction and practice progress to the advanced level in which students should be able to interpret trials in simultaneous and consecutive modes and sight interpret complex documents.

Exam Preparation _ Intensive course: This course is designed for people who have advanced knowledge of court interpreting and are preparing to sit for the state certification exam.

Tips for Taking the Exam: This is a stand alone webinar designed to help you prepare to take the exam.

Registration deadline: according to seats available.

Early registration is encouraged as it helps us plan.  We accept a maximum of 12 students per course.