Upcoming courses

Ethics I – Code of Ethics11/5/20229 a.m.1.5 $      60.00
Ethics II – Applied Ethics11/5/202210:30 a.m.1.5 $      60.00
Court Protocol11/12/20229 a.m.1.5 $      60.00
Remote interpreting, Means and Ways11/12/202210.30 a.m.1.5 $      60.00
Team Interpreting11/19/20229 a.m.1.5 $      60.00
Use of Equipment11/19/202210.30 a.m.1.5 $      60.00
SKILLS BUILDING IV  – FEDERAL EXAM PREP. (8th Edition)10/17/22 to 10/28/22Mon thru Fri 7 to 8:30 p.m.15 $    450.00

All languages, not just Spanish!

This is a pilot program created with the goal of expanding the Court Interpreter Training Online Program to prospective court interpreters of Languages Other Than Spanish. Materials were developed in Spanish and adapted to be used to train speakers of other languages to help them become court interpreters.


We understand much is to be done to attain the level of proficiency required and resources are not so readily available. We appreciate suggestions and contributions to our effort to expand this program to LOTS.


In the pilot phase of the program, we will be adapting the materials as we receive collaboration and input from students and colleagues who work in the various languages. If you would like to be part of this project and you think you can be of assistance in training others, we want to hear from you.