RSI Practice course

Registration is now open for the following course:

Course: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Practice for Court Interpreters
Dates: September 12 to October 3, 2020
Days: Saturdays from 1.30 to 3.30 p.m. ET
Total hours: 8  (8 CE units in most states)*
Cost: $90

Reserve your spot by registering via PayPal  PayPal.Me/VDopazo or Eventbrite.

Early registration is recommended. Once the registration limit is reached, I will try to schedule a second option. As always, I try to fit in people’s request as my calendar allows. 

This course is designed to provide participants with practice and knowledge on how to interpret simultaneously in virtual mode using currently available resources used for court interpretation. We will work on the Zoom platform, but the methodology can be applied to other existing platforms being used by courts around the country. The course will be conducted in English and participants will practice interpreting into a foreign language of choice. The purpose is not to monitor the interpretation quality but to give ample opportunity to practice in the use of the technology and platforms currently available

The course consists of 8 hours spread out into 4 sessions of 2 hours each

Certificates of completion will be issued to those who complete the 8 hours of training.

You will need access to a computer or tablet with good internet connection and a second line (cell phone).  We will practice with Zoom interpreting feature as well as with 2 lines as both methods are currently being used by the courts where I practice.


We have recently done two free webinars on Remote Interpretation, Means and Ways. Both sold out and people have expressed a lot of interest.  I am posting these two webinars on YouTube so people who missed the live session have an opportunity to watch them. If you are planning to attend the practice course on remote simultaneous interpretation practice for court interpreters, please watch the introductory videos on YouTube so that you can fully participate in the next training. Stay tuned for the next training course on working remotely. 

I also compiled a list of resources and useful links that I sent to participants and later I expanded and posted on my website. This list contains contacts, links, suggestions. Please note that I am not endorsing any product, but rather I am just sharing what I found out myself with the purpose of facilitating your search. It is a starting point to do your own research on whatever strikes your interest. I will update this as time allows, there may be links that work at one point and then get changed. As I said, just take what works, disregard the rest. 


All webinars and courses are instructor-led, taught live by Victoria Dopazo.

Recordedversions of the webinars will be provided to the students registered for further practice and also for the benefit of students that may miss the occasional webinar or arrive late.  Live participation is always preferred.

All times published here are Eastern Standard Time.

Reserve a spot by registering via PayPal  PayPal.Me/VDopazo or Eventbrite. 

The dates are scheduled according to demand. Send us an e-mail to request other dates.

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