Dates for training in the works

Dear prospective students/ certification candidates,

I am trying to decide on future dates for training. Sorry for the wait but I was hoping to have dates set up by now. I was informed that the Oral Exam for Federal Certification has been put on hold due to the government shutdown. I was waiting for those dates to set up training close to the exam dates. I am still planning to do training for the oral exams both at State and Federal level but would like to have dates for the exams so as to program accordingly. I appreciate you sharing information about upcoming exam dates and possible dates you might be interested in so I take it into consideration for my planning.

A new series of Continuing Education courses will be announced soon.

Thank you for your interest,


Victoria B. Dopazo

Federally Certified Court Interpreter – Spanish <> English
Translation, Interpretation, Project Management
CITO Court Interpreter Training Online

Formerly VBK Interpretation and Translation

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