Ethics I & II – 12/16/2017

By request, we have added two Ethics courses back to back to help those who need to comply with the requirement of  3 hours of Ethics for 3 CE units.

ETHICS  I                                                                                                        1.5 H

Code of Ethics of Professional Interpreters – Cannons of Code of Ethics used by State courts, NAJIT, US courts etc.  An in-depth look at each of the cannons and what they mean.

ETHICS II                                                                                                       1.5 H

Applied Ethics. A practical look at how the code of ethics applies in different situations. Examples of ethical dilemmas. How to handle different situations. When to say NO, and how to say it.

Register via Eventbrite or Paypal.

Course Name Dates Day/ Time Hours  Cost
Ethics I and II 12/16/2017 Sat. 1 to 4p.m 3 hours $90

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