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Items needed to set up a home studio for RSI – Recommendations

These are just some recommendations that I was asked about when we did a live webinar that you can watch on You Tube 2020.04.10 Remote Interpretation, Ways and Means. I am not sure if all the items are available all the time. This is just a starting point for your own search. I suggest that you look for the specifications and see what works for you.

  • Monitor 22 inch or more (for external monitor)
  • Good computer (main monitor) You can get computers at all prices and all sorts of capabilities. I got an HP Pavilion. Here are a couple of examples, one with HP Pavilion with i5 processor and one HP Pavilion i7 processor, low and medium price.
  • Back-up power supply
  • Headsets(2 recommended, for redundancy)
  • A Wired connection to the internet. A dedicated connection, with a new line most internet providers will include modem/router. Recommended speeds are 10 Mbps download/5upload 5. Max 50 ms ping. Use to test your speed. I got a good deal setting up a business line on a month to month basis with modem and router dedicated connection. I dealt with Connie Davis, Comcast Business Services, Northeast Division, office 603-541.1160 or 603.734.9152 (you may get the same good rate, and I may get a discount, if available in your area) She worked with me during the pandemic closures and set up very quickly.
  • Shredder (for confidential paperwork you may receive, many options and prices. this one is for 12 pages at a time,  medium range)
  • Sound barrier (suggested, depending on your environment, still on my wish list but heard good things about it)

Contacts/ Platforms/ Other resources and links

Ewandro Magalhaes

Fardad Zabetian, CEO

Elena Langdon, Laura Holcomb,  and others

Other platforms for remote interpretation, not all allow for RSI

  • VoiceBoxer
  • Interprefy
  • Interactio
  • Zip DX
  • Microsoft Teams
  • GoToMeeting
  • Zoom